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Welcome to Lissa's Learning Ladder

An Educational Based Preschool in Boise

Lissa’s Learning Ladder exists to provide a safe, developmentally appropriate environment for preschool age children. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early care and educational experience which promotes each child's social/emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our goal is to support children's desire to be life-long learners. To meet us and schedule a walk through at Lissa's Learning Ladder, click here or call (208) 376-1297.

A Quality Preschool Education is our Top Priority

Lissa's Learning Ladder focuses on providing a high quality, educational based preschool learning environment for children between the ages of 3-5.

Each child enrolled in our program receives a high quality preschool experience that promotes social, cognitive, and physical development in young children. The benefit to the families is the opportunity to have their child in a facility where they are going to be nurtured and supported in such a way that promotes positive self-esteem and provides the opportunity for optimal growth in all areas of development.  Click here to read more.

Boise Childcare Developmental Goals

Lissa’s Learning Ladder’s child to staff ratios will be lower than Idaho state regulation requirements. These low ratios will create a smaller group size and increase the opportunity to meet each child’s individual needs.

It is our goal to promote high quality social, cognitive, and physical development in young children.  Developmental progress reports will be completed on each child every 6 months. Teachers will have time to observe and record each child’s progress and put it into a written report. They will then schedule time to sit down and talk with parents one on one.  Click here to read more.

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